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Offering Institution:University of Debrecen
Job Title:Distribution of functionally identified synaptic input on dendrites
Description:Applicants are invited immediately with experience in either electrophysiology, anatomy, immunohistochemistry or EM. The aim is to analyse the integration strategies of functionally identified synaptic inputs on dendrites at the single cell level using in vivo optical imaging, electrophysiology, tract-tracing, intracellular staining and 3D reconstructions of visual cortical neurons. Applicants with knowledge in programming languages C++, Matlab, IDL are especially welcome. The position will be open until filled. Salary will be based on a University scale for international students. Applications (CV, a statement of interest and 2 references) should be submitted to Dr. Kisvarday by e-mail. Zolt?n F. Kisv?rday, PhD, DSc Laboratory for Cortical Systems Neuroscience Department of Anatomy, Histology & Embryology University of Debrecen Nagyerdei krt.98 4012 Debrecen Hungary Phone: +36-52-415724 Fax: +36-52-432290 e-mail:
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20 January 2010