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Offering Institution:Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, Sophia-Antipolis
Job Title:Postdoc Position in the NeuroMathComp group: Modeling the visual cortex in the context of hyperbolic geometry
Description:The candidate should have a PhD in mathematics or theoretical physics
and some experience in e ective mathematics, e.g., numerically solving sets of
ODEs, PDEs or integral equations as well as proving the correctness of numer-
ical schemes. Ideally he/she should have a good knowledge of the theory of
Riemann surfaces. A strong interest in the applications of mathematics to neu-
roscience and a willingness to interact with biologists and learn their language
are considered as prerequisites.
The INRIA Research Center of the Sophia-Antipolis Research Park is located
very close to the cities of Nice and Cannes. It is a one hour ight to Paris.
The NeuroMathComp group is a joint venture between INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
and the Jean-Alexandre Dieudonn? research laboratory in mathematics of the
University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

The candidate will work in close collaboration with Olivier Faugeras and
Pascal Chossat. He/she will also have to interact with the PhD students working
on the NerVi and FACETS projects.

The position is for one year. It can be extended to a longer period. Application deadline is end of May 2009.
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20 January 2010