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Paper (reviewed)

Pecevski et al. 2009Pecevski, D., Natschläger, T. and Schuch, K. PCSIM: a parallel simulation environment for neural circuits fully integrated with Python Frontiers in Neuroinformatics (2009) 3:11 fulltext


Brette et al. 2007bBrette, R., Rudolph, M., Carnevale, T., Hines, M., Beeman, D., Bower, J.M., Diesmann, M., Morrison, A., Goodman, P.H., Harris Jr., F.C., Zirpe, M., Natschläger, T., Pecevski, D., Ermentrout, B., Djurfeldt, M., Lansner, A., Rochel, O., Vieville, T., Muller, E., Davison, A.P., El Boustani, S., and Destexhe, A.Simulation of networks of spiking neurons: a review of tools and strategiesJournal of Computational Neuroscience (2007) 23(3):349-98 abstract, fulltext

Conference contribution: poster

Pecevski et al. 2009bPecevski, D., Natschläger, T. and Schuch, K.PCSIM: A Parallel Simulation Environment for Neural Circuits Fully Integrated with Python39th Annual Conference of the Society for Neuroscience, 2009


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