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Ali and Thomson 2007Ali, A.B. and Thomson, A.M. Synaptic a5 subunit containing GABAA receptors mediate IPSPs elicited by dendrite-targeting cells in rat neocortex Cerebral Cortex (2008) 18(6):1260-1271
Ali and Todorova 2010Ali, A.B. and Todorova, M.Asynchronous release of GABA via tonic cannabinoid receptor activation at identified interneuron synapses in rat CA1European Journal of Neuroscience (2010) 31(7):1196-1207
Ali et al. 2007Ali, A.B., Bannister, A.P. and Thomson, A.M. Robust correlations between action potential duration and the properties of synaptic connections in layer 4 interneurones in juvenile and adult neocortical slices.J. Physiol. (2007) 580.1: 149-169


3 August 2011