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Conference contribution: poster

Paper (reviewed)

Buesing and Maass 2009Buesing, L., and Maass, W.A Spiking Neuron as Information BottleneckNeural Computation (2010) 22(8): 1961-1992
Buesing et al. 2009Buesing, L., Schrauwen, B., and Legenstein, R. Connectivity, Dynamics, and Memory in Reservoir Computing with Binary and Analog NeuronsNeural Computation (2010) 22(5):1272-1311 abstract, fulltext
Clopath et al. 2008Clopath, C., Ziegler, L., Vasilaki, E., Buesing, L. and Gerstner, W. Tag-Trigger-Consolidation: A model of early and late long-term potentation and depressionPLoS Comput Biol (2008) 4(12):e1000248
abstract, fulltext
Clopath et al. 2009Clopath, C., Büsing, L., Vasilaki, E. and Gerstner, W.Connectivity reflects coding: a model of voltage-based spike-timing-dependent plasticity with homeostasisNature Neuroscience (2010) 13: 344?352
Schrauwen et al. 2008Schrauwen, B., Büsing, L. and Legenstein, R.On computational power and the order-chaos phase transition in reservoir computingIn Proc. of NIPS 2008: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, volume 21. MIT Press, 2009 fulltext

Conference contribution: poster

Buesing and Maass 2007Buesing, L. and Maass, W.Simplified Rules and Theoretical Analysis for Information Bottleneck Optimization and PCA with Spiking NeuronsProc. of NIPS 2007, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, volume 20. MIT Press, 2008 abstract
Schrauwen et al 2009Schrauwen, B., Buesing, L. and Legenstein, R.On Computational Power and the Order-Chaos Phase Transition in Reservoir ComputingIn Proc. of NIPS 2008, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, volume 20. MIT Press, 2009 fulltext


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