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Conference contribution: poster

Paper (reviewed)

Badel et al. 2008Badel, L., Lefort, S., Brette, R., Petersen, C.C.H., Gerstner, W. and Richardson, M.J.E. Dynamic I-V curves are reliable predictors of naturalistic pyramidal-neuron voltage tracesJournal of Neurophysiology (2008) 99: 656-666 fulltext
Badel et al. 2008bBadel, L., Lefort, S., Berger, T.K., Petersen, C.C.H., Gerstner, W. and Richardson, M.J.E. Extracting non-linear integrate-and-fire models from experimental data using dynamic I-V curvesBiological Cybernetics (2008) 99(4-5): 361-370 abstract, fulltext
Badel et al. 2008cBadel, L., Gerstner, W. and Richardson, M.J.E. Spike-triggered averages for passive and resonant neurons receiving filtered excitatory and inhibitory synaptic drivePhys. Rev. E (2008) 78:011914
abstract, fulltext

Conference contribution: poster

Badel, L.An approach to measure the dynamic current-voltage response properties of neurons during large membrane potential fluctuationsFENS - 5th Forum of European Neuroscience - Vienna 2006 July 8-12 (poster )
Badel, L.How to measure the instantaneous I-V curve of neurons with in vivo-like voltage fluctuationsEPFL-LATSIS symposium - Dynamical principles for neuroscience and intelligent biomimetic devices (March 8-10 2006, Lausanne) (poster)
Badel, L.Measuring the instantaneous I-V curve for subthreshold and spike initiation voltagesCNS (Edinburgh, July 18-20 2006) (poster)


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