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Paper (reviewed)

Barthélemy et al. 2008Barthélemy, F., Perrinet, L., Castet, E. and Masson, G. Dynamics of distributed 1D and 2D motion representations for short-latency ocular followingVision Research (2008) 48(4):501-522 abstract

Conference contribution: poster

Perrinet, L., Kremkow, F., Barthelemy, F. and Masson, G.S.Input-output transformation in the visuo-oculomotor loop : modeling the ocular following response to centre-surround stimulation in a probabilistic framework6th FENS Meeting Abstract A216.16
Reynaud et al. 2007Reynaud, A., Barthelemy, F., Vanzetta, I., Masson, G.S. and Chavane, F.Input output transformation in the visuo-oculomotor loop: comparison of real-time optical imaging recording in V1 and ocular following responses to center-surround stimulation6th FENS Meeting Abstract A179.21 / Italian Archives of Biology (2007) 145: 251-262


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