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Belhadj et al. 2008Belhadj, B., Tomas, J., Malot, O., N'kaoua, G., Bornat, Y. and Renaud, S.FPGA-based Architecture for Real-time Synaptic Plasticity ComputationProc. of the Int. Conf. on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, ICECS'08 (2008): 93-96 abstract, fulltext
Belhadj et al. 2009Belhadj, B., Tomas, J., Bornat, Y., Daouzli, A., Malot, O. and Renaud, S. Digital Mapping of a Realistic Spike Timing Plasticity Model for Real-time Neural SimulationsIn XXIV Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, (DCIS 2009) Zaragoza, Spain, 2009.
Belhadj et al. 2009aBelhadj, B., Tomas, J., Malot, O., Bornat, Y., Saïghi, S., Renaud, S.Plasticity computation in a multiboard system simulator dedicated to SNNNeurocomp Conference (2009) Bordeaux, France
Belhadj et al. 2009bBelhadj, B., Tomas, J., Bornat, Y., Malot, O. and Renaud, S. Token-passing communication protocol in hardware based real-time spiking neural networksIn Proceedings of SPIE, Bioengineered and Bioinspired Systems, Microtechnologies for the New Millenium, SPIE'09 Dresden, Germany, 2009.
Belhadj et al. 2010Belhadj, B., Tomas, J., Malot, O., Bornat, Y., N'Kaoua, G., Renaud, S.Guaranteeing spike arrival time in multiboard & multichip spiking neural networksIEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems - ISCAS (2010), Paris, France
Saighi et al. 2010aSaïghi, S., Tomas, J., Bornat, Y., Belhadj, B., Malot, O., Renaud, S.Real-time multiboard architecture for analog spiking neural networkIEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems - ISCAS (2010), Paris, France
Saighi et al. 2010bSaighi, S., Levi, T., Belhadj, B., Malot O., Tomas, J.Hardware system for biologically realistic, plastic, and real-time spiking neural network simulationsInternational Joint Conference on Neural Networks - IJCNN (2010), Barcelona, Spain


Belhadj and Tomas 2008Belhadj, B. and Tomas, J.Un système mixte de traitement de l?information neuronale destiné à la simulation des réseaux de neurones réalistesin Journées Nationales du Réseau Doctoral en Microélectronique (JNRDM'08), Bordeaux, France, 2008
Belhady 2010Belhadj, B.Systèmes neuromorphiques temps réel: contribution à l?intégration de réseaux de neurones biologiquement réalistes avec fonctions de plasticitéPhD thesis (French), University of Bordeaux, July 22, 2010


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