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Paper (reviewed)

Badel et al. 2008bBadel, L., Lefort, S., Berger, T.K., Petersen, C.C.H., Gerstner, W. and Richardson, M.J.E. Extracting non-linear integrate-and-fire models from experimental data using dynamic I-V curvesBiological Cybernetics (2008) 99(4-5): 361-370 abstract, fulltext
Jolivet et al. 2008aJolivet, R., Schürmann, F., Berger, T.K., Gerstner, W. and Roth, A.The Quantitative Single-Neuron Modeling CompetitionBiological Cybernetics archive (2008) 99 (4-5): 417-426 abstract
Wang et al. 2006Wang, Y., Markram, H., Goodman, P.H., Berger, T.K., Ma, J. and Goldman-Rakic, P.S.Heterogeneity in the pyramidal network of the medial prefrontal cortexNature Neuroscience (2006) 9(4):534-542 abstract

Conference contribution: poster

Berger, T.K., Wang, Y. and Markram H.Microcircuitry of Layer 6 Somatosensory Cortex, Joint Forum of European Neuroscience(FENS) 2006, Vienna, July 2006


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