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Conference contribution: poster

Paper (reviewed)

Escobar et al. 2009Escobar, M.-J., Masson, G.S., Vieville, T. and Kornprobst, P.Action recognition using a bio-inspired feedforward spiking networkInternational Journal of Computer Vision (2009) 82: 284-301 abstract

Conference contribution: poster

Escobar, M.-J., Kornprobst, P. and Vieville, T.Spike to Spike MT Model and ApplicationsPoster at CNS 2007 (Toronto, Canada).
Escobar, M.-J., Kornprobst, P., Wohrer, A. and Vieville, T.Can we recognize motion from spike train analysis?European Conference Visual Perception, 2006
Escobar, M.-J., Masson, G., Viéville, T. and Kornprobst, P.Spiking MT model: Dynamics and motion patterns30th European Conference on Vision Perception (ECVP), Arezzo, Italy, 2007.
Escobar, M.-J., Wohrer, A., Kornprobst, P. and Vieville, T.Biological motion recognition using an MT-like modelNeuroComp06
Escobar and Kornprobst 2008Escobar, M.-J. and Kornprobst, P. Action Recognition with a Bio--Inspired Feedforward Motion Processing Model: The Richness of Center-Surround Interactions.Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV08) (2008): 186-199
Escobar et al. 2008Escobar, M.-J., Masson, G.S. and Kornprobst, P. A Simple Mechanism to Reproduce the Neural Solution of the Aperture Problem in Monkey Area MTProceedings of Deuxième conférence française de Neurosciences Computationnelles (Neurocomp08). abstract


Escobar et al. 2007Escobar, M.-J., Masson, G. S., Vieville, T. and Kornprobst, P.Spike to Spike Model and Applications: A biological plausible approach for the motion processing.INRIA Research Report 6280
Escobar et al. 2008bEscobar, M.-J. , Masson, G.S., Vieville, T. and Kornprobst, P.Rate versus synchrony code for human action recognitionINRIA research report 6669 (2008) fulltext


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