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Conference contribution: poster

Bal et al. 2009Bal, T., Béhuret, S., Deleuze, C., Gomez, L., Piwkowska, Z., Wolfart, J., Debay, D., Brette, R., El Boustani, S., Marre, O., Baudot, P., Yger, P., Rudolph, M., Le Masson, G., Sadoc, G., Destexhe, A., and Frégnac, Y. Hybrid biological-artificial neuronal networks. Colloque ANR Interface Physique-Chimie-Biologie, Fréjus, France. 2009
Béhuret et al. 2010Béhuret, S., Gomez, L., Frégnac, Y. and Bal, T. Context-dependency in the transfer of sensory information in thalamo-cortico-thalamic circuits. 7th FENS Forum Abstracts: 192.5. Amsterdam. Netherlands. 2010
Béhuret et al. 2010bBéhuret, S., Gomez, L., Frégnac, Y. and Bal, T. Context-dependent information transfer in model thalamocortical circuits. In Multiscale analysis of neural systems: taking the challenge seriously. (Orgs. P. Vernier, N. Peyrieras, A. Jouvenceau and Y. Frégnac). 10th Neurobiology Conference Ladislav Tauc, Gif-sur-Yvette, France. 2010


3 August 2011