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Conference contribution: poster

Bruederle et al. 2007Bruederle, D., Gruebl, A., Meier, K., Mueller, E. and Schemmel, J.A Software Framework for Tuning the Dynamics of Neuromorphic Silicon Towards Biologyn Proc. of IWANN 2007, San Sebastián, Spain, June 2007, Springer LNCS 4507, pp. 479 - 486 abstract, fulltext
Ehrlich et al. 2007Ehrlich, M., Mayr, C., Eisenreich, H., Henker, S., Srowig, A., Gruebl, A., Schemmel, J. and Schüffny, R.Wafer-scale VLSI implementations of pulse coupled neural networksInternational Conference on Sensors, Circuits and Instrumentation Systems (SSD-07), Hammamet-Tunisia 2007, p. 409 ff., electronic publication. fulltext
Phillipp et al. 2007Philipp, S., Gruebl, A., Meier, K. and Schemmel, J.Interconnecting VLSI Spiking Neural Networks Using Isochronous ConnectionsProceedings of the International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN) 2007, LNCS 4507, p. 471-478, Springer abstract
Schemmel et al. 2006Schemmel, J., Gruebl, A., Meier, K. and Mueller, E.Implementing Synaptic Plasticity in a VLSI Spiking Neural Network ModelProceedings of the 2006 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'06), 2006, IEEE Press abstract, fulltext


3 August 2011