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Davison et al. 2009cDavison, A.P., Hines, M. and Muller, E Trends in programming languages for neuroscience simulations.Frontiers in Neuroscience (2009) 3:3
Gleeson et al. 2010Gleeson, P., Crook, S., Cannon, R.C., Hines, M.L., Billings, G.O., Farinella, M., Morse, T.M., Davison, A.P., Ray, S., Bhalla, U.S., Barnes, S.R., Dimitrova, Y.D. and Silver, R.A.NeuroML: A language for describing data driven models of neurons and networks with a high degree of biological detail.PLoS Comput Biol (2010) 6(6): e1000815
Hines et al. 2009Hines, M., Davison, A.P. and Muller, E.NEURON and PythonFrontiers in Neuroinformatics (2009) 3:1
abstract, fulltext
Migliore et al. 2006Migliore, M., Cannia, C., Lytton, W.W., Markram, H. and Hines, M.L.Parallel network simulations with NEURONJ Comput Neurosci. (2006) 21(2):119-129 fulltext


Brette et al. 2007bBrette, R., Rudolph, M., Carnevale, T., Hines, M., Beeman, D., Bower, J.M., Diesmann, M., Morrison, A., Goodman, P.H., Harris Jr., F.C., Zirpe, M., Natschläger, T., Pecevski, D., Ermentrout, B., Djurfeldt, M., Lansner, A., Rochel, O., Vieville, T., Muller, E., Davison, A.P., El Boustani, S., and Destexhe, A.Simulation of networks of spiking neurons: a review of tools and strategiesJournal of Computational Neuroscience (2007) 23(3):349-98 abstract, fulltext


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