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Budd et al. 2010Budd, J.M.L., Kovács, K., Ferecskó, A.S., Buzás, P., Eysel, Ú.T. and Kisvárday, Z.F.Neocortical Axon Arbors Trade-off Material and Conduction Delay ConservationPLoS Comput Biol (2010) 6(3): e1000711
Buzas et al. 2006Buzás, P., Kovács, K., Ferecskó, A.S., Budd, J.M., Eysel, U.T. and Kisvárday, Z.F. Model-based analysis of excitatory lateral connections in the visual cortexThe Journal of Comparative Neurology (2006) 499(6): 861 - 881 abstract
Rochefort 2009Rochefort, N.L., Buzás, P., Quenech'du, N., Koza, A., Eysel, U.T., Milleret, C. and Kisvárday, Z.F. Functional Selectivity of Interhemispheric Connections in Cat Visual CortexCerebral Cortex (2009) 19(10):2451-2465
Rochefort et al. 2007Rochefort, N.L., Buzás, P., Kisvárday, Z.F., Eysel, U.T. and Milleret, C.Layout of transcallosal activity in cat visual cortex revealed by optical imagingNeuroImage (2007) 36: 804-821 fulltext
Stepanyants et al. 2007Stepanyants, A., Hirsch, J.A., Martinez, L.M., Kisvárday, Z.F., Ferecskó, A.S. and Chklovskii, D.B. Local Potential Connectivity in Cat Primary Visual CortexCerebral Cortex (2008) 18(1): 13-28 abstract
Stepanyants et al. 2009Stepanyants, A., Martinez, L. M., Ferecskó, A. S. and Kisvárday, Z. F. The fractions of short- and long-range connections in the visual cortexPNAS (USA) (2009) 106:3555-3560.


Ascoli et al. 2008Ascoli, G.A., Alonso-Nanclares, L., Anderson, S.A., Barrionuevo, G., Benavides-Piccione, R., Burkhalter, A., Buzsaki, G., Cauli, B., DeFelipe, J., Fairén, A., Feldmeyer, D., Fishell, G., Fregnac, Y., Freund, T.F., Karube, F., Gardner, D., Gardner, E.P., Goldberg, J.H., Helmstaedter, M., Hestrin, S., Kisvarday, Z., Lambolez, B., Lewis, D., Marin, O., Markram, H., Muńoz, A., Packer, A., Petersen, C., Rockland, K., Rossier, J., Rudy, B., Somogyi, P., Staiger, J.F., Tamas, G., Thomson, A.M., Toledo-Rodriguez, M., Wang, Y., West, D.C. and Yuste, R.Petilla Terminology: Nomenclature of features of GABAergic interneurons of the cerebral cortexNature Reviews Neuroscience (2008) 9: 557-568 abstract

Conference contribution: poster

Karube and Kisvarday 2006Karube, F. and Kisvárday, Z.F.Bouton distribution of deep-layer spiny neurons on the functional maps in cat visual cortexFENS Abstr. (2006) vol.3, A179.14 abstract
Sari et al. 2009Sari, K., Fuyuki, K., Fournier, J., Cyril, M., Fregnac, Y. and Kisvarday, Z.A combined approach to unravel single cell function using complex visual stimuli, intracellular staining and intrinsic signal optical imaging in the cat primary visual cortex Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience. Conference Abstract: 12th Meeting of the Hungarian Neuroscience Society (2009). doi: 10.3389/conf.neuro.01.2009.04.202 fulltext

Web publication

Alonso et al. 2005Alonso-Nanclares, L., Anderson, S., Ascoli, G., Benavides-Piccione, R., Burkhalter, A., Buzsaki, G., Cauli, B., DeFelipe, J., Fairen, A., Feldmeyer, D., Fishel, G., Frégnac, Y., Freund, T. F., Fukuyi, K., Glarreta, M., Goldberg, J., Helmstaedter, M., Hensch, T., Hestrin, S., Kisvarday, Z., Lambolez, B., Lewis, D., McBain, C., Marin, O., Markram, H., Monyer, H., Muńoz, A., Petersen, C., Rockland, K., Rossier, H., Ruby, B., Somogyi, P., Staiger, J. F., Tamas, G., Thomson, A., Toledo-Rodriguez, M., Wang, X.-J., Wang, Y., West, D. and Yuste, R.Nomenclature of features of GABAergic interneurons of the cerebral cortex.Web publication (2005) fulltext


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