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Paper (reviewed)

Klampfl et al. 2007bKlampfl, S., Legenstein, R. and Maass, W.Spiking neurons can learn to solve information bottleneck problems and to extract independent componentsNeural Comput. (2009) 21(4):911-59.

Conference contribution: poster

Klampfl and Maass 2009Klampfl, S. and Maass, W. Replacing supervised classification learning by Slow Feature Analysis in spiking neural networksProc. of NIPS 2009, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (2010) 22: 988-996. MIT Press, 2010 abstract
Klampfl et al. 2007Klampfl, S., Legenstein, R.A. and Maass, W.Information bottleneck optimization and independent component extraction with spiking neuronsProc. of NIPS 2006, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, volume 19. MIT Press, 2007 abstract, fulltext
Klampfl et al. 2009Klampfl, S., David, S. V., Yin, P., Shamma, S. A. and Maass, WIntegration of stimulus history in information conveyed by neurons in primary auditory cortex in response to tone sequences39th Annual Conference of the Society for Neuroscience, 2009


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