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Paper (reviewed)

Legenstein and Maass 2006Legenstein, R.A. and Maass, W.A criterion for the convergence of learning with spike timing dependent plasticityAdvances in Neural Information Processing System (MIT Press). (2006) 18:763-770 abstract, fulltext
Legenstein and Maass 2007cLegenstein, R.A. and Maass, W.Edge of chaos and prediction of computational performance for neural microcircuit modelsNeural Networks (2007) 20(3): 323-334 abstract, fulltext

Conference contribution: poster

Klampfl et al. 2007Klampfl, S., Legenstein, R.A. and Maass, W.Information bottleneck optimization and independent component extraction with spiking neuronsProc. of NIPS 2006, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, volume 19. MIT Press, 2007 abstract, fulltext


3 August 2011