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Paper (reviewed)

Rochefort 2009Rochefort, N.L., Buzás, P., Quenech'du, N., Koza, A., Eysel, U.T., Milleret, C. and Kisvárday, Z.F. Functional Selectivity of Interhemispheric Connections in Cat Visual CortexCerebral Cortex (2009) 19(10):2451-2465
Rochefort et al. 2007Rochefort, N.L., Buzás, P., Kisvárday, Z.F., Eysel, U.T. and Milleret, C.Layout of transcallosal activity in cat visual cortex revealed by optical imagingNeuroImage (2007) 36: 804-821 fulltext


3 August 2011