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Paper (reviewed)

Morrison et al. 2007Morrison, A., Aertsen, A. and Diesmann, M.Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity in Balanced Random NetworksNeural Computation (2007) 19:1437-1467 abstract, fulltext
Morrison et al. 2007bMorrison, A., Straube, S., Plesser, H.E. and Diesmann, M.Exact subthreshold integration with continuous spike times in discrete time neural network simulationsNeural Computation (2007) 19: 47-79
Potjans et al. 2009Potjans, W., Morrison, A. and Diesmann, M.A spiking neural network model of an actor-critic learning agentNeural Computation (2009) 21: 301-339 abstract, fulltext


Brette et al. 2007bBrette, R., Rudolph, M., Carnevale, T., Hines, M., Beeman, D., Bower, J.M., Diesmann, M., Morrison, A., Goodman, P.H., Harris Jr., F.C., Zirpe, M., Natschläger, T., Pecevski, D., Ermentrout, B., Djurfeldt, M., Lansner, A., Rochel, O., Vieville, T., Muller, E., Davison, A.P., El Boustani, S., and Destexhe, A.Simulation of networks of spiking neurons: a review of tools and strategiesJournal of Computational Neuroscience (2007) 23(3):349-98 abstract, fulltext
Morrison et al. 2008Morrison, A., Diesmann, M. and Gerstner, W. Phenomenological models of synaptic plasticity based on spike timingBiological Cybernetics (2008) 98: 459-478 fulltext

Book chapter

Morrison and Diesmann 2008Morrison, A. and Diesmann, M.Maintaining causality in discrete time neuronal network simulationsIn: Lectures in supercomputational neuroscience: dynamics in complex brain networks. P. Beim Graben, C. Zhou, M. Thiel, J. Kurths (eds.) (2008) Chap. IV.10.
Plesser et al. 2007Plesser, H.E., Eppler, J.M., Morrison, A., Diesmann, M. and Gewaltig, M.-O.Efficient parallel simulation of large-scale neuronal networks on clusters of multiprocessor computersIn: Proc 13th International Euro-Par Conference, LCNS (2007) Vol. 4641 p. 672-681. Springer

Conference contribution: poster

Yger et al. 2007bYger, P., Morrison, A., Diesmann, M., Davison, A.P., and Frégnac, Y. STDP in topographical neuronal networksRIKEN BSI Workshop, Wako, Japan. (2007)


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