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Conference contribution: poster

Belhadj et al. 2008Belhadj, B., Tomas, J., Malot, O., N'kaoua, G., Bornat, Y. and Renaud, S.FPGA-based Architecture for Real-time Synaptic Plasticity ComputationProc. of the Int. Conf. on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, ICECS'08 (2008): 93-96 abstract, fulltext
Belhadj et al. 2010Belhadj, B., Tomas, J., Malot, O., Bornat, Y., N'Kaoua, G., Renaud, S.Guaranteeing spike arrival time in multiboard & multichip spiking neural networksIEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems - ISCAS (2010), Paris, France
Saighi et al. 2008Sa´ghi, S., Buhry, L., Bornat, Y., N'kaoua, G., Tomas, J. and Renaud, S.Adjusting the Neurons Models in Neuromimetic ICs using the Voltage-Clamp TechniqueProc. of the Int. Symp. on Circuits And Systems (ISCAS08), Seattle, USA (2008):1564-1567 abstract, fulltext


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