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Jolivet et al. 2008Jolivet, R., Kobayashi, R., Rauch, A., Naud, R., Shinomoto, S. and Gerstner, W.A benchmark test for a quantitative assessment of simple neuron modelsJournal of Neuroscience Methods (2008) 169: 417-424 fulltext
Naud et al. 2008Naud, R., Marcille, N., Clopath, C. and Wulfram, G.Firing patterns in the adaptive exponential integrate-and-fireBiological Cybernetics (2009) vol. 99, num. 4-5: 335-347 abstract, fulltext
Naud09Gerstner, W. and Naud, R.How Good are Neuron Models?Science (2009) 326(5951): 379-380
abstract, fulltext


3 August 2011