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Paper (reviewed)

Nessler et al. 2008Nessler, B., Pfeiffer, M. and Maass, W.Hebbian learning of Bayes optimal decisionsIn Proc. of NIPS 2008: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, MIT Press (2009) 21: fulltext
Pfeiffer et al. 2008Pfeiffer, M., Nessler, B., Douglas, R. and Maass, W.Reward-Modulated Hebbian Learning of Decision MakingNeural Computation (2010) 22(6): 1399-144

Conference contribution: poster

Nessler et al. 2009Nessler, B., Pfeiffer, M. and Maass, W. STDP enables spiking neurons to detect hidden causes of their inputsNIPS 2009 abstract


3 August 2011