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Gretton et al. 2008Gretton, A., Borgwardt, K.M., Rasch, M., Scholkopf, B. and Smola, A.J.A Kernel Method for the two-sample-problemJournal of Machine Learning Research (2008) : 1-10 fulltext
Montemurro et al. 2008Montemurro, M.A., Rasch, M.J., Murayama, Y., Logothetis, N.K. and Panzeri, S.Phase-of-firing coding of natural visual stimuli in primary visual cortexCurr Biol. (2008) Mar 11;18(5):375-80
Rasch et al. 2008Rasch, M.J.,Gretton, A., Murayama, Y., Maass, W. and Logothetis, N.K. Inferring spike trains from local field potentialsJournal of Neurophysiology (2008) 99:1461-1476 fulltext


Rasch 2008Rasch, M. J.Analysis of Neural Signals: Interdependence, Information Coding, and Relation to Network ModelsPh.D. Dissertation (2008), Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, TUG, Austria abstract


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