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Conference contribution: poster

Kornprobst, P., Chavane, F., Chemla, S., Reynaud, A. and Vieville, T.Reverse engineering of the visual brain cortical maps computation using optical-imagingEuropean Conference Visual Perception, 2006
Chavane et al. 2008bChavane, F., Reynaud, A. and Masson, G.S.The role of cortico-cortical interactions during motion integration: a voltage-sensitive dye imaging study in V1 and V2 of the awake monkeyJournal of Vision (2008) 8(6):226, 226a. VSS, Naples FL
Kremkow et al. 2009dKremkow, J., Laurent, L.U., Reynaud, A., Aertsen, A., Masson, G.S. and Chavane, F.Dynamics of cortico-cortical interactions during motion integration in early visual cortex: a spiking neural network model of an optical imaging studyAnnual Meeting Computational Neuroscience Society (2009)
Reynaud et al. 2007Reynaud, A., Barthelemy, F., Vanzetta, I., Masson, G.S. and Chavane, F.Input output transformation in the visuo-oculomotor loop: comparison of real-time optical imaging recording in V1 and ocular following responses to center-surround stimulation6th FENS Meeting Abstract A179.21 / Italian Archives of Biology (2007) 145: 251-262
Reynaud et al. 2009Reynaud, A., Masson, G.S. and Chavane, F.Cortical origin of contrast response function contextual modulation in V1 population activity measured with voltage-sensitive dye imagingJournal of Vision (2009) 9(8):749, 749a.VSS, Naples FL.


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