Publications of Schmucker, M.

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Conference contribution: poster

Kremkow et al. (2008)Kremkow, J., Brizzi, T., Brüderle, D., Davison, A., Muller, E., Perrinet, L., Schmucker, M. and Yger, P. NeuroTools: analysis, visualization and management of real and simulated neuroscience data.Live demo at the INCF booth at Society for Neuroscience 38th annual meeting, Washington, USA 2008
Yger et al. 2009bYger, P., Brüderle, D., Eppler, J., Kremkow, J., Pecebski, D., Perrinet, L., Schmucker, M., Muller, E. and Davison, A.NeuralEnsemble: Towards a meta-environment for network modeling and data analysisIn Proceedings of the 32th Göttingen Neurobiology Conference


3 August 2011