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Paper (reviewed)

Bill et al. 2010Bill, J., Schuch, K., Brüderle, D., Schemmel, J., Maass, W. and Meier, K.Compensating inhomogeneities of neuromorphic VLSI devices via short-term synaptic plasticityFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2010) 4:129.
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Haeusler et al. 2008Haeusler, S., Schuch, K. and Maass, W.Motif distribution, dynamical properties, and computational performance of two data-based cortical microcircuit templates.J. of Physiology (2009) 103(1-2):73-87 abstract
Pecevski et al. 2009Pecevski, D., Natschläger, T. and Schuch, K. PCSIM: a parallel simulation environment for neural circuits fully integrated with Python Frontiers in Neuroinformatics (2009) 3:11 fulltext

Conference contribution: poster

Pecevski et al. 2009bPecevski, D., Natschläger, T. and Schuch, K.PCSIM: A Parallel Simulation Environment for Neural Circuits Fully Integrated with Python39th Annual Conference of the Society for Neuroscience, 2009


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