Publications of Stephenson, F.A.

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Conference contribution: poster

Abitbol et al. 2010Abitbol, K., Hatchett, C., Fuchs, C., Stephenson, F.A., Thomson, A.M. and Jovanovic, J.N.Mechanisms underlying synapse-specific clustering of α1- and α2-containing GABAA receptors : Identification of proteins that specifically interact with the extracellular domain of either α1 or α2 GABAA receptor subunits Symposium 'GABAA receptors and anxiety' Chexbres, Switzerland, 2010
Fuchs et al. 2010Fuchs, C., Abitbol, K., Stephenson, F.A., Thomson, A.M. and Jovanovic, J.N.Dissecting the molecular and functional requirements for the assembly of GABAergic synapses in vitroFENS Forum 2010:161.7


3 August 2011