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Conference contribution: poster

Paper (reviewed)

Faugeras et al. 2009aFaugeras, O., Touboul, J. and Cessac, B.A constructive mean field analysis of multi population neural networks with random synaptic weights and stochastic inputsFront. Comput. Neurosci. (2009) 3:1 abstract
Touboul 2008Touboul, J.Bifurcation analysis of a general class of non-linear integrate and fire neuronsSIAM Applied Math (2008) 68(4): 1045-1079 fulltext
Touboul and Brette 2008Touboul, J. and Brette, R.Dynamics and bifurcations of the adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire model INRIA Research Report (2008) no 6563, July 2008. Accepted for publication with minor revision in Biological Cybernetics)Biological Cybernetics archive (2008) 99 (4-5): 319-334 abstract, fulltext
Touboul and Faugeras 2007Touboul, J. and Faugeras, O. The statistics of spikes trains: a stochastic calculus approachJ Physiol Paris (2007) 101(1-3):78-98 abstract
Touboul and Faugeras 2008Touboul, J. and Faugeras, O.First hitting times of Double Integral Process to curved boundariesAdvances in Applied Probability (2008) 40(2): 501-528 fulltext

Conference contribution: poster

Faugeras, O., Papadopoulo, T. and Touboul, J.The statistics of spikes trains for some simple types of neuron modelsNeurocomp06 fulltext
Touboul, J. and Brette, R.Dynamics of noisy inhibitory networks of integrate-and-re neurons: a stochastic network theory approachNeuromath06 (poster)
Faugeras et al. 2009bFaugeras, O., Touboul, J. and Cessac B.A constructive mean-field analysis of multi population neural networks with random synaptic weightsCOSYNE 09 (2009)
Touboul et al. 2007Touboul, J., Faugeras, O., and Rochel, O.Event-driven mathematical framework for noisy integrate-and-fire neuron networksPoster at CNS 2007, Toronto (Canada).


Touboul 2008bTouboul, J.Nonlinear and stochastic models in neurosciencePhD thesis at Ecole Polytechnique de Paris (2008)
Touboul and Brette 2008bTouboul, J and Brette, R.Spiking dynamics of bidimensional integrate-and-fire neurons.INRIA Research Report (2008) no 6531, September 2008 abstract


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