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Paper (reviewed)

Bruederle et al. 2011Brüderle, D., Petrovici, M.A., Vogginger, B., Ehrlich, M., Pfeil, T., Millner, S., Grübl, A., Wendt, K., Müller, E., Schwartz, M.O., de Oliveira, D.H., Jeltsch, S., Fieres, J., Schilling, M., Müller, P., Breitwieser, O., Petkov, V., Muller, L., Davison, A.P., Krishnamurthy, P., Kremkow, J., Lundqvist, M., Muller, E., Partzsch, J., Scholze, S., Zühl, L., Mayr, C., Destexhe, A., Diesmann, M., Potjans, T.C., Lansner, A., Schüffny, R., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K.A comprehensive workflow for general-purpose neural modeling with highly configurable neuromorphic hardware systems.Biol Cybern. (2011) 104(4-5):263-96
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Conference contribution: poster

Ehrlich et al. 2008Ehrlich, M. and Wendt, K. and Schüffny, R.Parallel mapping algorithms for a novel mapping & configuration software for the FACETS projectProceedings of the WSEAS CEA'08, Acapulco 2008, pp.152-157 fulltext
Ehrlich et al. 2010Ehrlich, M. and Wendt, K. and Zühl, L. and Schüffny, R. and Brüderle, D. and Müller, E. and Vogginger, B.A software framework for mapping neural networks to a wafer-scale neuromorphic hardware systemProceedings of ANNIIP 2010, 2010, pp.43-52 fulltext
Mayr et al. 2007Mayr, C. and Ehrlich, M. and Henker, S. and Wendt, K. and Schüffny, R.Mapping Complex, Large Scale Spiking Networks on Neural VLSIInt. Journal of Applied Science, Engineering, and Technology (2007) 4(1): 37-42 fulltext
Wendt et al. 2007Wendt, K., Ehrlich, M., Mayr, C. and Schüffny, R.Abbildung komplexer, pulsierender, neuronaler Netzwerke auf spezielle Neuronale VLSI HardwareProceedings of Dresdener Arbeitstagung Schaltungs- und Systementwurf, DASS07, Dresden 2007, pp. 127 - 132 fulltext
Wendt et al. 2008Wendt, K., Ehrlich, M., Schüffny, R.A graph theoretical approach for a multistep mapping software for the FACETS projectWSEAS (2008) 6: 189 - 194 fulltext
Wendt et al. 2010Wendt, K. and Ehrlich, M. and Schüffny, R.GMPath - a path language for navigation, information query and modification of data graphs
Proceedings of ANNIIP 2010, 2010, pp.31-42


Wendt 2007Wendt, K.Mapping- and Configuration-Tool for the FACETS-Design-FrameworkDiploma-Thesis (2007) at the Insitute of Fondations of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


3 August 2011