FACETS workshops[]

Student workshops[]

Within the FACETS community several workshops have already taken place to ensure that scientists (especially young scientists) have access to cross-disciplinary training. This is necessary to promote communication within the consortium and to improve in-depth understanding of partners' approaches.

  • Hardware Student Workshop in Bordeaux (France), 6-8 September 2006
  • The Brain and the Turing Machine: Computational Models and Theory for Analyzing Cortical Computation in Freiburg (Germany), 10-11 January 2007
  • Student Workshop Modeling for Beginners in Sånga-Säby (Sweden), 12-15 June 2007
  • Student Workshop Biology in Debrecen (Hungary), 9-10 January 2008.
  • Student Workshop (Learning and) Using Python for Computational Neuroscience Student workshop: from basic python to neural modeling with PyNN in Freiburg (Germany), 9-13 June 2008
  • The FACETS Database(s) in Leysin (Switzerland), 7 January 2009

Joint Daisy/FACETS workshop[]


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