This section contains additional material about the FACETS project

  • The FACETS Live System: A downloadable live system (based on Ubuntu) to experiment with the PyNN langage with the NEST and NEURON simulation packages. (January 2011. The description page is maintained by the UHEI group, the data is hosted by the BrainScaleS project, which builds since January 2011 on the FACETS results)
  • a movie showing the FACETS demonstrator. This demonstrator is a software model of the currently implemented stage II FACETS hardware system with the surrounding software which is necessary to load networks onto the hardware and record data back.
  • a presentation of the FACETS project (1.4MB pdf)
  • a pool of electronic resources on the FACETS project that can be used free of charge as long as the correct source information is included
  • and a collection of press coverage on the FACETS project.
  • FACETS flier

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17 Jul 2017