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Marie-Curie Actions at the EU

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The second-round application poster.

FACETS-ITN: From Neuroscience to Neuro-Inspired Computing[]

This 'Marie-Curie Initial Training Network' (funded by the EU) involved 15 groups at European Research Universities, Research Centers and Industrial Partners in 6 countries. The 4 year project ended in August 2013.

22 Ph.D. Positions were funded in the FACETS-ITN project in the following scientific work areas: Neurobiology of Cells and Networks, Modelling of Neural Systems, Neuromorphic Hardware, Neuro-Electronic Interfaces, Computational Principles in Neural Architectures, Mechanisms of Learning and Plasticity.

Ph.D. students participated in an exciting research programme and received a strongly interdisciplinary training in all scientific areas involved as well as in additional skills. The program also includes extended stays in several partner laboratories. Ph.D. degrees are/will be awarded by the universities of the partner groups. The positions were funded for up to 3 years by the Marie-Curie grant.


Research Areas[]

  • Area I: Neurobiology of cells and networks
  • Area II: Modelling of Neural Systems
  • Area III a: Neuromorphic Hardware
  • Area III b: Neuro-Electronic Interfaces
  • Area IV: Computational Principles, Learning and Plasticity

The scientific achievements of the FACETS-ITN student work is summarized in this achievements overview.pdf.


17 Jul 2017