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Paper (reviewed)

Badoual et al. 2006Badoual, M., Zou, Q., Davison, A.P., Rudolph, M., Bal, T., Frégnac, Y. and Destexhe, A.Biophysical and phenomenonological models of multiple spike interactions in spiketiming dependent plasticity.International Journal of Neural Systems (2006) 16: 1-19 abstract, fulltext
Bedard et al. 2006Bedard, C., Kroger, H. and Destexhe, A.Does the 1/f frequency-scaling of brain signals reflect self-organized critical states?Physical Review Letters (2006) 97: 118102 abstract, fulltext
Brette 2006Brette, R.Exact simulation of integrate-and-fire models with synaptic conductancesNeural Comput (2006) 18(8): 2004-2027
Buzas et al. 2006Buzás, P., Kovács, K., Ferecskó, A.S., Budd, J.M., Eysel, U.T. and Kisvárday, Z.F. Model-based analysis of excitatory lateral connections in the visual cortexThe Journal of Comparative Neurology (2006) 499(6): 861 - 881 abstract
Davison and Fregnac 2006Davison, A. and Frégnac, Y.Learning crossmodal spatial transformations through spike-timing-dependent plasticityJournal of Neuroscience. (2006) 26 : 5604-5615
Grimbert and Faugeras 2006Grimbert, F. and Faugeras, O.Bifurcation Analysis of Jansen's Neural Mass ModelNeural Computation (2007) 18: 3052-3068 abstract
Johansson et al. 2006Johansson, C., Ekeberg, Ö. and Lansner, A.Clustering of stored memories in an attractor network with local competitionInt. J. Neural Systems (2006) 16: 393-403
Jolivet et al. 2006Jolivet, R., Rauch, A., Lüscher, H.-R. and Gerstner, W.Predicting spike timing of neocortical pyramidal neurons by simple threshold modelsJournal of Computational Neuroscience (2006) 21:35-49 fulltext
Kaske and Maass 2006Kaske, A. and Maass, W.A model for the interaction of oscillations and pattern generation with real-time computing in generic neural microcircuit modelsNeural Networks (2006) 19(5):600-609 fulltext
Le Be and Markram 2006Le Be, J.V. and Markram, H.Spontaneous and evoked synaptic rewiring in the neonatal neocortexProc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (2006) 103(35):13214-13219
Legenstein and Maass 2006Legenstein, R.A. and Maass, W.A criterion for the convergence of learning with spike timing dependent plasticityAdvances in Neural Information Processing System (MIT Press). (2006) 18:763-770 abstract, fulltext
Lundqvist et al. 2006Lundqvist, M., Rehn, M., Djurfeldt, M. and Lansner, A.Attractor dynamics in a modular network model of the neocortexNetwork Computation in Neural Systems (2006) 17: 253-276
Maass et al. 2006Maass, W., Joshi, P. and Sontag, E.D.Principles of real-time computing with feedback applied to cortical microcircuit modelsAdvances in Neural Information Processing Systems (MIT Press) (2006) 18:835-842. abstract, fulltext
Migliore et al. 2006Migliore, M., Cannia, C., Lytton, W.W., Markram, H. and Hines, M.L.Parallel network simulations with NEURONJ Comput Neurosci. (2006) 21(2):119-129 fulltext
Pfister and Gerstner 2006Pfister, J.P. and Gerstner, W.Triplets of Spikes in a Model of Spike Timing-Dependent PlasticityJ. Neurosci. (2006) 26(38): 9673 - 9682 abstract, fulltext
Pfister et al. 2006Pfister, J.P., Toyoizumi, T., Barber, D. and Gerstner, W.Optimal Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity for Precise Action Potential Firing in supervised learningNeural Computation (2006) 18:1309-1339
Rudolph and Destexhe 2006Rudolph, M. and Destexhe, A.Integrate-and-fire neurons with high-conductance state dynamics for event-driven simulation strategiesNeural Computation (2006) 18: 2146-2210 abstract, fulltext
Rudolph and Destexhe 2006bRudolph, M. and Destexhe, A.On the use of analytic expressions for the voltage distribution to analyze intracellular recordingsNeural Computation (2006) 18: 2917-2922 abstract, fulltext
Uchizawa et al. 2006bUchizawa, K., Douglas, R. and Maass, W.On the computational power of threshold circuits with sparse activityNeural Computation (2006) 18(12): 2994-3008 abstract, fulltext
Wang et al. 2006Wang, Y., Markram, H., Goodman, P.H., Berger, T.K., Ma, J. and Goldman-Rakic, P.S.Heterogeneity in the pyramidal network of the medial prefrontal cortexNature Neuroscience (2006) 9(4):534-542 abstract
Zou et al. 2006Zou, Q., Bornat, Y., Saighi, S., Tomas, J., Renaud, S. and Destexhe, A.Analog-digital simulations of full conductance-based networks of spiking neurons with spike timing dependent plasticity.Network: Computation in Neural Systems (2006) 17(3): 211-233 abstract, fulltext
Zou et al. 2006aZou, Q., Bornat, Y., Tomas, J., Renaud, S. and Destexhe, A.Real-time simulations of networks of Hodgkin-Huxley neurons using analog circuitsNeurocomputing (2006) 69: 1137-1140 abstract, fulltext


Destexhe and Contreras 2006Destexhe, A. and Contreras, D.Neuronal computations with stochastic network statesScience (2006) 314: 85-90 abstract, fulltext

Book chapter

Frégnac et al. 2006Frégnac, Y., Rudolph, M., Davison, A. and Destexhe, A.Complexity and level hierarchy in Neural networksIn «Biological networks», Editor : F. Képès, In «Complex systems and interdisciplinary Science», World Scientific Series (2006) pp. 1-38
Frégnac et al. 2006bFrégnac, Y., Blatow, M., Changeux, J.P., DeFelipe, J., Lansner, A., Maass, W., Markram, H., McCormick, D., Michel, C.M., Monyer, H., Szathmáry, E. and Yuste, R.Ups and Downs in the genesis of cortical computationIn: "Microcircuits: The Interface between Neurons and Global Brain Function Microcircuits: Dahlem Workshop Report 93". (Eds. Grillner, S. e. a.) Cambridge, USA: The MIT Press, (2006) pp. 397-437 fulltext
Legenstein and Maass 2006bLegenstein, R. and Maass, W.What makes a dynamical system computationally powerful?In S. Haykin, J. C. Principe, T.J. Sejnowski, and J.G. McWhirter, editors, New Directions in Statistical Signal Processing: From Systems to Brain. pages 127-154. MIT Press, 2007 abstract, fulltext

Conference organisation

Destexhe, A."Computation and Neural Systems"Annual (CNS2006) conference, Edinburgh, UK. Vice-President of the organizing commitee
Destexhe, A."Modeling the Brain Labyrinth"International Conference, Heraklion, Greece (2006) Co-organizer

Conference contribution: poster

Badel, L.An approach to measure the dynamic current-voltage response properties of neurons during large membrane potential fluctuationsFENS - 5th Forum of European Neuroscience - Vienna 2006 July 8-12 (poster )
Badel, L.How to measure the instantaneous I-V curve of neurons with in vivo-like voltage fluctuationsEPFL-LATSIS symposium - Dynamical principles for neuroscience and intelligent biomimetic devices (March 8-10 2006, Lausanne) (poster)
Badel, L.Measuring the instantaneous I-V curve for subthreshold and spike initiation voltagesCNS (Edinburgh, July 18-20 2006) (poster)
Berger, T.K., Wang, Y. and Markram H.Microcircuitry of Layer 6 Somatosensory Cortex, Joint Forum of European Neuroscience(FENS) 2006, Vienna, July 2006
Bernhard, F. and Keriven, R.Spiking neurons on GPUsInternational Conference on Computational Science. Readings, UK, May 2006
Bornat, Y., Renaud, S., Tomas, J., Zou, Q. and Destexhe, A.An Analog/Digital Simulation System for Biomimetic Neural NetworksEPFL Latsis Symposium 2006, Dynamical principles for neuroscience and intelligent biomimetic devices, Lausanne (Switzerland), March 8-10 2006
Chariot, A., Keriven, R. and Brette, R.Simulation rapide de modèles de neurones impulsionnels sur carte graphiqueposter at NeuroComp06
Clopath, C.Predicting Neuronal Activity with Simple Models of the Threshold TypeEPFL LATSIS symposium - Dynamical principles for neuroscience and intelligent biomimetic devices (March 8-10 2006, Lausanne) Poster
Clopath, C.Predicting Neuronal Activity with Simple Models of the Threshold Type:Adaptive Exponential Integrate-and-Fire Model with Two CompartmentsCNS 2006 in Edinburgh, July 16-20; Poster
Davison, A., Yger, P., Frégnac, Y., Chan, J. and Newell, F.A combined pyschophysical--modelling investigation of the mechanisms of tactile picture perceptionFifteenth Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting CNS*2006
Denham, M.Computational theories for the cortical microcircuitTalk at CNS 2006 Workshop on Cortical Microcircuits.
Destexhe, A.Advanced Biomathematics of Sleep and Wake EEGUniversity of Brussels, Belgium, 2006 (invited speaker)
Destexhe, A.Inferring network activity through intracellular recordings of single neocortical neurons in vivo10th International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University, USA, 2006 (invited speaker)
Destexhe, A.Similar cortical states during wakefulness and slow-wave sleep oscillations5th INMED/TINS Conference: Physiogenic and Pathogenic Oscillations: the Beauty and the Beast, La Ciotat, France, 2006 (invited speaker)
Destexhe, A.Thalamocortical oscillations: from single cells to neuronal networksMolecular mechanisms and modeling of biological rhythms", Orsay, France, 2006 (invited speaker)
Destexhe, A.What can fluctuations tell us about neuronal computations?"International Computational Neuroscience Meeting", RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Tokyo, Japan, 2006 (invited speaker)
Djurfeldt, M.Challenges and Opportunities in NanoarchitecturesWorkshop, 7-8 June 2006, Hotel Tylösand, Halmstad, on "Information processing architecture in the mammalian brain"
Ellguth, G., Mayr, C., Henker, S. and Schüffny, R.Design techniques for deep submicron CMOS / Case study Delta-Sigma-ModulatorDresdner Arbeitstagung Schaltungs- und Systementwurf 2006, p. 35-40
Escobar, M.-J., Kornprobst, P., Wohrer, A. and Vieville, T.Can we recognize motion from spike train analysis?European Conference Visual Perception, 2006
Escobar, M.-J., Wohrer, A., Kornprobst, P. and Vieville, T.Biological motion recognition using an MT-like modelNeuroComp06
Faugeras, O. and Grimbert, F.Two-dimensional multilayer models of neuronsposter at Neurocomp06
Faugeras, O., Papadopoulo, T. and Touboul, J.The statistics of spikes trains for some simple types of neuron modelsNeurocomp06 fulltext
Frégnac, Y.An intracellular view of complexity in visual cortical processing: inbetween "crystal" and "smoke"In "Databasing the Brain." International Neuroinformatics Coordination Initiative. Org. J.G. Bjaalie. Oslo, 2006. (Opening Lecture)
Frégnac, Y.Computational architectures and self-organization algorithms derived from biology: what can be learnt from V1 mammalian cortexIn "The Golgi centenary conference on Biologically inspired systems." (Org. L. Mancini). University "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy, 2006. (Opening Lecture)
Frégnac, Y.Computational diversity and functional complexity in visual cortex: when inhibition meets excitationIn European School of Computational Neuroscience (Org. A. Aertsen et al), Arcachon, 2006. (Invited conference)
Frégnac, Y.Contextual dynamics in sensory processing: From liquid computation for sparse stimuli to constrained high conductance states for natural imagesIn European School of Computational Neuroscience (Org. A. Aertsen et al), Arcachon, 2006. (Invited conference)
Frégnac, Y.Entoptic vision of the functional architecture of primary visual cortexIn "Neuromathematics and Visual Perception". Orgs G. Citti, Giaquinta, J. Petitot and A. Sarti). Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy, 2006. (Invited conference)
Frégnac, Y.Functional complexity and structural diversity in V1In "Theoretical Neuroscience and Complex Systems". (Org. W. Singer, FIAS Summer School). Frankfurt, Germany, 2006. (Invited conference).
Frégnac, Y.Neural coding issues in V1In 10th Anniversary Meeting for the EU Course in Computational Neuroscience. Crête, 2006. (Invited conference).
Frégnac, Y.Possible role of spike-timing dependent plasticity in the genesis and adaptation of sensory cortical representationsIn "Experimental and theoretical views on synaptic plasticity" (Org. W. Gerstner), Lausanne, Switzerland, 2006. (Invited talk)
Frégnac, Y.Reading the code from synaptic echoes in the brainIn 1st French Computational Neuroscience Meeting (NeuroComp). Abbaye des Prémontés, Pont-à-Mousson, 2006. (Plenary Lecture)
Frégnac, Y.Reconstructing network dynamics and function from synaptic rumoursIn "The functional architecture from the brain: from dendrites to networks". Symposium in the honour of Dr. Suzanne Tyc-Dumont., Org. J. Durand, Marseille, 2006. (Invited Plenary Lecture).
Frégnac, Y.The one and thousand lives of the Hebb's synapseIn "Theoretical Neuroscience and Complex Systems". (Org. W. Singer, FIAS Summer School). Frankfurt, Germany, 2006. (Invited conference).
Frégnac, Y.The receptive field concept: Attempts and failures to map function onto structureIn "Foundation on Evolution and Cognition: a dialogue between scientists and humanists", Org. A. Smith, Les Treilles , France, 2006. (Invited conference).
Frégnac, Y.What must be recorded in vivo in order to understand CortexIn "The Cajal Centenary conference on the Cerebral Cortex." Org. J. De Felipe, H. Markram and M. Toledo-Rodriguez, Barcelona, Spain, 2006. (Round Table Presidency).
Frégnac, Y., Baudot, P., Marre, O. and Levy, M.Time precision of the spiking behaviour of V1 cortical neurons is optimally adapted to the complexity of natural visual scenesIn Cosyne Symposium on "Counting Spikes" Org. S. Deneve et al. Les Canyons, Salt Lake City, USA, 2006. (Invited conference)
Garcia Alvarez, S., Perin, R. and Markram, H.Quantitative Analysis of Neuron Densities and Distributions in the Neocortical ColumnJoint Forum of European Neuroscience (FENS) 2006, Vienna, July 2006
Grimbert, F. and Faugeras, O.Cortex as a continuum of cortical columnsposter at Neuromath06
Häusler, S.Computational consequences of lamina-specific structure in cortical microcircuit modelsSalt Lake City, USA, Cosyne 2006, Conf. & Workshop, March 2006
Häusler, S.Computational consequences of lamina-specific structure in cortical microcircuit modelsFENS, Wien, Forum of European Neuroscience, July 2006
Jan, A., Francioli, L., Shah, Y., Sfyrakis, K., Schuermann, F. and Markram, H.Database Architecture for the Neocortical ColumnJoint Forum of European Neuroscience (FENS) 2006, Vienna, July 2006
Kornprobst, P., Chavane, F., Chemla, S., Reynaud, A. and Vieville, T.Reverse engineering of the visual brain cortical maps computation using optical-imagingEuropean Conference Visual Perception, 2006
Kornprobst, P., Chemla, S., Rochel, O. and Vieville, T.A 1st step towards an abstract view of computation in spiking neural-networksNeuroComp06
Kornprobst, P., Vieville, T., Chemla, S. and Rochel, O.Modeling cortical maps with feed-backsEuropean Conference Visual Perception, 2006
Legenstein, R.Analysis of Cortical Microcircuits on the Systems LevelSalt Lake City, USA, Cosyne 2006, March 2006
Legenstein, R.Spiking Neural NetworksPorto, Portugal, NN 2006; Neural Networks in Classification Regression and Data
Maass, W.A model for computation in cortical microcircuitsUSA, Banburry Center, Cold Spring Harbour,Workshop "Models of Neural Circuits", April 2006
Maass, W.Experiments that would help to decide between competing models for cortical computationWorkshop of the MPI for Brain Research, Schloss Ringberg, Tegernsee, Germany, July 2006
Maass, W.Models for cortical computationLeipzig, Germany, Workshop on Information Theory and Neurobiology, July 2006
Maass, W.Neural circuits as analog computersEPFL, Lausanne, CH, Latsis Symposium, March 2006
Maass, W.Online computing in dynamical systems as a possible paradigm for auditory processingSorbonne, Paris, F,Workshop "New Ideas in Hearing", May 2006
Maass, W.Unsupervised learning in neural circuitsEPFL-Lausanne, CH, Workshop on Synaptic Plasticity, June 2006
Perin, R. and Markram, H.Properties of synaptic convergence revealed by 12 patch-clamp recordings in neocortical slicesJoint Forum of European Neuroscience (FENS) 2006, Vienna, July 2006
Perrinet, L., Kremkow, F., Barthelemy, F. and Masson, G.S.Input-output transformation in the visuo-oculomotor loop : modeling the ocular following response to centre-surround stimulation in a probabilistic framework6th FENS Meeting Abstract A216.16
Pfister, J.P.Beyond Pair-Based STDP: a Phenomenological Rule for Spike Triplet and Frequency effectsWorkshop of Cosyne 2006 on "advances in activity-dependent plasticity"
Pfister, J.P.Why are Triplets of Spikes Necessary in Models of Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity?Workshop on Plasticity at CNS, Edinburgh, July 2006
Piwkowska, Z., Brette, R., Rudolph, M., Destexhe, A. and Bal, T.Reproducing in-vivo-like synaptic inputs to a neuron with Active Electrode Compensation - a new technique allowing high temporal resolution in single-electrode dynamic-clampFENS 2006, Vienna (poster)
Richardson, M.The trapping potential of neurons under random current injectionWorkshop "Stochastic dynamics of neurons and networks" at CNS (Edinburgh, July 2006)
Rudolph, M., Piwkowska, Z., Brette, R., Destexhe, A. and Bal, T.Precise dynamic-clamp injection of stochastic conductances using active electrode compensationSFN 2005, Washington (poster)
Schüffny, R.VLSI Implementierung und Test von pulsgekoppelten neuronalen Netzwerken Dresdner Arbeitstagung Schaltungs- und Systementwurf 2006
Thomson, A. Cajal Centenary Meeting, Barcelona, April 2006
Thomson, A. CNS Workshop July 2006
Thomson, A. Biologically Inspired Information Fusion, Surrey University, August 2006
Thomson, A. Computational Neuroscience Summer School, Arcachon, France: August 2006
Touboul, J. and Brette, R.Dynamics of noisy inhibitory networks of integrate-and-re neurons: a stochastic network theory approachNeuromath06 (poster)
Viéville, T. and Kornprobst, P.Modeling Cortical Maps with Feed-BacksInt. J. Conf. Neural Networks 2006 and Int. Conf. on Cognitive and Neural Systems 2006
Vieville, T. and Rochel, O.One step towards an abstract view of computation in spiking neural-networksInt. Conf. on Cognitive and Neural Systems 2006
Wennekers, T.Operational cell assemblies in large-scale cortex modelsCNS 2006 Workshop on Cortical Microcircuits (talk)
Wennekers, T.Spatio-temporal neural field approximationCNS 2006 Workshop on Continuous Attractor Networks (talk)
Wohrer, A., Kornprobst, P. and Vieville, T.A Biologically-Inspired Model for a Spiking Retina2006, RR INRIA 5848
Wohrer, A., Kornprobst, P. and Vieville, T.Contrast gain control through a feedback in the retinaNeuroComp 06
Wohrer, A., Kornprobst, P. and Vieville, T. From Light to Spikes: a Large-Scale Retina SimulatorInt. Conf. on Cognitive and Neural Systems 2006
Wohrer, A., Masson, G., Perrinet, L., Kornprobst, P. and Vieville, T.Contrast sensitivity adaptation in a virtual spiking retina and its adequation with mammalians retinasEuropean Conference Visual Perception, 2006
Davison A.P. (2006)Davison A.P.Simulator-independent network modelling with Python and XML.Modeling the Brain's Labyrinth, Fodele, Crete, Greece, September 2006.
Davison A.P. 2006bDavison A.P.NModLib: a database of components for neuroscience models. World Association of Modeling - Biologically Accurate Modeling Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, March 2006.
Davison et al. 2006Davison, A.P., Yger, P., Chan, J.S., Newell, F.N. and Frégnac, Y A combined psychophysical-modelling study of the mechanisms of tactile picture perception. CNS*2006, Edinburgh, U.K, July 2006.
Fieres et al. 2006Fieres, J., Schemmel, J. and Meier, K.Training convolutional networks of threshold neurons suited for low-power hardware implementationProceedings of the 2006 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2006), 21--28, IEEE Press (2006) abstract, fulltext
Fieres et al. 2006bFieres, J., Meier, K. and Schemmel, J.A convolutional neural network tolerant of synaptic faults for low-power analog hardwareProceedings of 2nd IAPR International Workshop on ArtificialNeural Networks in Pattern Recognition (ANNPR 2006), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 4087, 122-132, Springer (2006) abstract, fulltext
Johansson and Lansner 2006Johansson, C. and Lansner, A.A hierarchical brain-inspired computing systemNOLTA 2006, Bologna, Italy.
Joshi 2006Joshi, P.Modeling working memory and decision making using generic neural microcircuitsIn S. Kollias, A. Stafylopatis, W. Duch, and E. Oja, editors, Artificial Neural Networks - ICANN 2006, volume 4131 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 515-524. Springer, 2006.
Karube and Kisvarday 2006Karube, F. and Kisvárday, Z.F.Bouton distribution of deep-layer spiny neurons on the functional maps in cat visual cortexFENS Abstr. (2006) vol.3, A179.14 abstract
Levi et al. 2006Levi, T., Lewis, N., Tomas, J. and Fouillat, P. Scaling Rules for MOS Analog Design ReuseMixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems MIXDES 2006, Gdynia, Poland, June 22-24 2006, pp 378-382.
Levi et al. 2006aLevi, T., Lewis, N., Tomas, J. and Fouillat, P.IP-based design for analogue ASICs: A case studyIP-based SoC Design Conference, IP-SoC 2006, Grenoble (France), 2006
Lewis et al. 2006Lewis, N., Bornat, Y., Alvado, L., Lopez, C., Daouzli, A., Levi, T., Tomas, J., Saighi, S. and Renaud, S.PAX: un outil logiciel / matériel d'investigation pour les neurosciences computationnellesNeuroComp, 1ère conférence française de Neurosciences Computationnelles, Pont-à-Mousson, October 23-24 2006, pp 171-174
Maass and Markram 2006Maass, W. and Markram, H.Theory of the computational function of microcircuit dynamicsS. Grillner and A. M. Graybiel, editors, The Interface between Neurons and Global Brain Function, Dahlem Workshop Report 93, pages 371-390. MIT Press, 2006 fulltext
Mayr et al. 2006Mayr, C., Eisenreich, H., Schreiter, J. and Schüffny, R.Pulse Capture and Distribution for Neural Pulse-based ComputationsDresdner Arbeitstagung Schaltungs- und Systementwurf 2006, p. 85-90 fulltext
Mayr et al. 2006bMayr, C., Eisenreich, H., Henker, S. and Schüffny, R.Pulsed multi-layered Image filtering: a VLSI ImplementationProceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol. 15 Oct. 2006 fulltext
Rudolph and Destexhe 2006cRudolph, M. and Destexhe, A.Event-based simulation strategy for conductance-based synaptic interactions and plasticityNeurocomputing (2006) 69: 1130-1133
Rudolph and Destexhe 2007Rudolph, M. and Destexhe, A.How much can we trust neural simulation strategies?Neurocomputing (2007) 70(12-12): 1966-1969 abstract, fulltext
Saighi et al. 2006Saighi, S., Bornat, Y., Tomas, J. and Renaud, S.Neuromimetic ICs and System for Parameters Extraction in Biological Neuron ModelsInternationaI Symposium on Circuits And Systems 2006, ISCAS06, Island of Kos, Greece, May 21-24, 2006, pp 4207-4210, ISBN 0-7803-9390-2
Saighi et al. 2006bSaighi, S., Bornat, Y., Tomas, J. and Renaud, S.Neuromimetic ICs and System for Parameters Extraction in Biological Neuron ModelsInternationaI Symposium on Circuits And Systems, ISCAS06, Island of Kos, (Grèce), 2006
Schemmel et al. 2006Schemmel, J., Gruebl, A., Meier, K. and Mueller, E.Implementing Synaptic Plasticity in a VLSI Spiking Neural Network ModelProceedings of the 2006 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'06), 2006, IEEE Press abstract, fulltext
Tomas et al. 2006Tomas, J., Bornat, Y., Saighi, S., Levi, T. and Renaud, S.Design of a modular and mixed neuromimetic ASICICECS 2006, 13th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Nice, France, 10-13 December 2006, pp. 946-949 abstract
Uchizawa et al. 2006Uchizawa, K., Douglas, R. and Maass, W.Energy Complexity and Entropy of Threshold CircuitsAutomata, Languages and Programming, 33rd International Colloquium, ICALP 2006, Venice, Italy, July 10-14, 2006, Proceedings, Part I. Published by Springer as Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2006) 4051: 631-642 fulltext


Johansson 2006Johansson, C.An Attractor Memory Model of NeocortexPhD thesis (2006), Computer Science and Communication. Stockholm, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.


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