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FACETS - An Introductory Presentationpdf-file (1.1 MB)
Karlheinz Meier, Electronic Vision(s) Group, Heidelberg

A set of presentation slides that provide an introductory overview on the FACETS project, its motivation, goals, and structural organization

Design Study of a Neural Network Hardware Using Wafer Scale Integrationjpg-file (250 KB)
Jonathan Meier, Heidelberg

Recommended caption text: Design Study of a Neural Network Hardware Using Wafer Scale Integration

Photograph of the members of the FACETS projectjpg-file (390 KB)
Photograph taken by Marie-Cecile Lafont during the FACETS Kickoff Meeting, November 3rd-5th, 2005 at INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France

Recommended caption text: Members of the FACETS project at the FACETS Kickoff Meeting, November 2005


  • The hardware of the FACETS project in a presentation VLSI Implementations of Very Large Scale Neuromorphic Circuits given on ESSCIRC/BIECS 09 by Johannes Schemmel from 2009 (8MB .pdf)

Image set[]

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Stage I (Spikey)[]

Public--FACETS MembraneVoltageTrace T9 0016861.JPGPublic--FACETS SpikeyboardOnBackplane 2D 0106144.JPGPublic--FACETS SpikeyChip 2D 0106254.JPGPublic--FACETS SpikeyChipCloseup DSCN2181.JPGPublic--FACETS SpikeyChip 2D 0106243.JPG
Membrane voltage trace
large image (0.7 MB)
Spikey board on backplane
large image(1.1 MB)
Spikey chip
large image (1.6 MB)
Spikey chip
large image (0.3 MB)
Spikey chip
large image (0.7 MB)


The Stage II system will use a complete post-processed wafer (instead of single chips) with interconnected electronic representations of neurons and synapses.

Public--FACETS Wafer IMG 1097.jpgPublic--FACETS WaferHandlingCleanRoom.jpgPublic--FACETS InspectingAProtoypeWafer 2D 0111954.JPG
large image (0.9 MB)large image (0.6 MB)large image (0.8 MB)

Stage II (wafer-scale system)[]

Public--FACETS StageII Concept 200904.PNGPublic--FACETS StageII Concept2 200904 withText.PNG
description and larger imagedescription and larger image


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