FACETS communication technique[]

Good communication among project partners is a very important prerequisite for success. Therefore the Management workpackage (workpackage structure of the project) provides some communication means for the project.

  • The WebShow system allows to publish the content of the computer desktop via a simple screenshot java program and using the FACETS webserver
  • Video conferencing is in growing use within our project. Some of the used software components and the encountered problems / solutions are described on the video conference page.
  • The Document Digester is a web-application to calculate the SHA-1 digest of an uploaded document. Transmitting the short SHA-1 digest value on a different channel can e.g. be used to verify that an expected document has been received unaltered (used in the FACETS-ITN application process).
  • Some notes on the used software for the FACETS website


17 Jul 2017