To ease communication with a FACETS member it can be very helpful when discussing matters on the phone to be able to send screenshots, e.g. of presentations or texts to the communication partner.

Withing the scope of the FACETS project one can use the WebShow presenter (java program) to send screen shots and the WebShow viewer (simple html page with JavaScript) to view them.

For presentations where at least one partner is not a FACETS member a Session Key has to be used. This key is obtained by the FACTS member and transmitted to his/her contact partners.

If you experience any technical problems please contact the Project Admin.

Technical background[]

The viewer has been created using the Google Web Toolkit. It is an AJAX application which checks periodically for new images and fetches the newest image. In addition it can draw the position of the mouse pointer on top of the transmitted image (using the gwt-widget library and the jsgraphics library). The mouse pointer can thus be used as a pointer. In the client application one can enlarge the size of the pointer to ease following it.

Screen Shots[]






17 Jul 2017