Frontiers in Neuromorphic Computation: a Multi-FACETS Enterprise, 3+4 June 2010 in Paris[]

The public meeting Frontiers in Neuromorphic Computation: a Multi-FACETS Enterprise took place at the College de France in Paris on 3+4 June 2010.

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The conference is the closing event of the FACETS project. The second part of the first meeting day is the academia/industry event of the FACETS-ITN project. The meeting is partly funded by Public--meeting--Paris2010--Cost 200px.png

Context and aims of the Conference[]

The conference theme will explore novel concepts of information processing and computation, going beyond the classical Turing machine, taking inspiration from studies of brain function and architecture. An understanding of the dynamical processes and the multi-scale integrative complexity observed in biological nervous systems, and in particular in cortical networks of higher vertebrates, gives insight for novel computing paradigms implemented in new generations of parallel, large-scale electronic circuits. The research effort involves continuous exchange between experimental neuroscience, theoretical modelling, computer science and hardware emulation, and provides an interdisciplinary infrastructure that is unique in Europe.

The conference will include a workshop with contributions from industrial partners and will host key-note speakers and leaders from other projects supported by the EPSRC (UK), IBM, Honda Research and EC ICT-FET (SPINNAKER, the Blue Brain project, Brain-i-Nets, DAISY, SECO).


Please find the meeting agenda here


The Collège de France is located at the intersection of Rue Saint Jacques with the Rue des Écoles, opposite of the Sorbonne. The address is:

Collège de France
11, place Marcelin Berthelot
75231 Paris Cedex 05

The entrance to the lecture rooms is from the Rue des Écoles side of the building (indicated on the map below as red arrow).


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Announcement Poster[]

Large image and .pdf version of the poster.


We provide a list of hotels near the College de France as starting point for a hotel-room-search.

Funding acknowledgments[]

  • The meeting will be co-funded by COST, an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology
Public--meeting--Paris2010--Cost 200px.png
  • The FACETS project (FET proactive, grant no. 15879)
  • The FACETS-ITN project (Marie-Curie initial training network, grant no. 237955)


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