Payment for ITN students[]

NOTE: The FACETS-ITN Marie-Curie grant ends on 31 August 2013. PhD students starting in 2012 will get the ITN salary described below only until that date. Afterwards the position is very likely continued up to 3 years total duration, but to the usual local conditions from 1 September 2013 on!

The payment for the FACETS-ITN Ph.D. students (until max. 31 August 2013) is regulated by the EU Marie-Curie Initial Training Network grant conditions in the Work Programme 2008 description in Annex III: relevant pages (please check the complete official document for the full story). The salary is dependent on the country of the host group (to compensate for different cost of living in the different countries).

E.g. for Germany the salary after deductions is about 20.000 Euro/year (according to the salary comparison at KOWI)


17 Jul 2017