Hotels for the 2nd Joint DAISY/FACETS Workshop[]

Hotels: Rooms for the meeting attendants are reserved in these hotels:

HotelMapAddressWebPublic transport[1]Check-in
IWH (meeting site)IWH in the detail mapIWH, Hauptstraße 242, D-69117 Heidelberg, phone +49 6221- 54 36 90linkto IWH[2]
Hotel am KornmarktA in the detail mapHotel Garni Am Kormarkt, Kornmarkt 7, D-69117 Heidelberg, Telephone: (+49) 62 21 - 90 58 30linkto Kornmarkt22:00
Hotel SchnookelochB in the detail mapHotel & Restaurant Schnookeloch, Haspelgasse 8, D-69117 Heidelberg, phone +49 6221 / 13 808 0linkto Schnookeloch18:00[3]
Hotel zum PfalzgrafenC in the detail mapHotel zum Pfalzgrafen, Kettengasse 21, D-69117 Heidelberg, phone: +49 6221 / 20489linkto Zum Pfalzgrafen21:00[4]
Hotel Monptioverview mapHotel Monpti, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 57, D-69117 Heidelberg, phone +49 6221-60 45 60linkto Monpti22:00[5]
Hotel Denneroverview mapDenner Hotel, Bergheimer Straße 8, D-69115 Heidelberg, phone +49 6221 604510linkto Denner1:00 am[6]
Hotel Krokodiloverview mapHotel Restaurant Krokodil, Kleinschmidtstrasse 12, D-69115 Heidelberg, phone +49 6221-166472linkto Krokodil1:00 am[7]
  1. The to ... link in the Public Transport column leads the online time table application of the VRN (the local public transport provider) with the address of the hotel pre-filled in the Destination field. If your train arrives at Heidelberg main station use Heidelberg Hbf in the Starting-point field. The application requires JavaScript.
  2. IWH: The IWH is a operated by the University and does not have a reception. The office at IWH is staffed Mo-Fr until 17:00. Please arrange later arrival or arrival on the weekend with Public--email facets admin.gif
  3. Hotel Schnookeloch: Please arrange arrivals later then 18:00 with Public--email facets admin.gifor directly with the hotel.
  4. Hotel zum Pfalzgrafen: Arrival is possible until 21:00. Please arrange later arrivals with Public--email facets admin.gifor directly with the hotel.
  5. Hotel Monpti: Rooms are ready by 14:00. The reception is open until 22:00. Please arrange later arrivals with Public--email facets admin.gifor directly with the hotel.
  6. Hotel Denner: Rooms are ready by 13:00. The reception is open until 21:00. For later arrival (until 1:00 am) the keys will be deposited at the Bar of Café Gekco (Bergheimer Str. 8) next to the hotel.
  7. Hotel Krokodil: The reception is open until 14:00. After 14:00 until 1:00am please fetch the key at the Krokodil Restaurant (same building)

Public transport: the links in the hotel table take you to the online time table of the VRN (the public transport provider in Heidelberg) with the hotel street address entered as destination address. If you arrive at the Heidelberg Main Station please use Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof as start address.


The workshop takes place at the IWH. (Map from


(Map from


How to get to the workshop location?


17 Jul 2017