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The IWH (enlarge) and the IWH Entrance (enlarge)

Location of the 2nd Joint DAISY/FACETS Workshop[]

The workshop will take place at the IWH, Hauptstraße 242, D-69117 Heidelberg, phone +49 6221- 54 36 90 (link)

Public transport: please consult the online time table of the VRN (the public transport provider in Heidelberg). If you arrive at the Heidelberg Main Station please use Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof as start address (Form pre-filled with IWH (Hauptstrasse 242) as destination).

Long distance transport information:

  • the nearest regional train station is Heidelberg Altstadt (renamed on 14 December 08 from Heidelberg Karlstor), serviced by S-Bahn trains. From that station the IWH is in about 5 minutes walking distance (Heidelberg Altstadt to IWH walkway description).
  • From Heidelberg main station ("Heidelberg Hbf") a taxi takes about 10 minutes to the IWH. Public transport information \rightarrow see above
  • From Frankfurt Main international airport (FRA):
    • Train: The airport has a long distance train station with direct ICE trains to Mannheim. From Mannheim Heidelberg is reachable via S-Bahn. Online train information is available at Use Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf as From:-field content and Heidelberg Altstadt (=next to IWH, see above) or Heidelberg Hbf (=Heidelberg main station) as To:. (Or change the type for the To: field to Address and use Heidelberg - Altstadt, Hauptstraße 242 to get also a local street map for the final few walking steps.)
    • Shuttle service: We often use the TLS shuttle service. They wait for delayed flights and bring passengers directly to their hotel. Disadvantage: They pool up to 8 people, i.e. there can be delay at the airport if they have to wait for a delayed flight of somebody else foreseen for your shuttle minibus and they deliver also the other passengers to their hotels, i.e. the total journey time may also include some driving around in Heidelberg before your destination is reached.



Heidelberg-Altstadt S-Bahn station to IWH walkway[]

(Info for older maps: The station Heidelberg Karlstor has been renamed (in December 2008) to Heidelberg Altstadt.)

Public--KarlstorToIWH-L3 0003523 KarlstorStation.JPG
(Note: The train depicted here runs towards Heidelberg Main Station. If coming from Heidelberg Main station your train will use the right hand tracks - use the stairs to cross the tracks. This photo is taken in the direction "away from Heidelberg" - turn around...)
  • follow the walkway next to the tracks towards Heidelberg city:
Public--KarlstorToIWH-L3 0003521 KarlstorStationWalkway.JPG
  • pass through the Karlstor
Public--KarlstorToIWH-L3 0003519 WalkThroughKarlstor.JPG
  • and enter Heidelberg Main Street ("Hauptstraße")
Public--KarlstorToIWH-L3 0003517 intoHDMainStreet.JPG
  • the IWH is on the left hand side
Public--KarlstorToIWH-L3 0003513 IWH isOnTheLeft.JPG
  • you arrived after an about 5 minutes long walk
Public--KarlstorToIWH-L3 0003509 IWH.JPG


17 Jul 2017