1st project year[]

The results of the FACETS project year are documented in scientific publications and the completed deliverables.The expected audience for them are specialists, though.

The FACETS research topic and the reached results can also be interesting for people not directly concerned with the detailed and specialized research. Therefore we present some of the results from the first project year (September 2005 - August 2006) in a higher level and / or generalized form.

Results are shown in the context of the FACETS workpackages

Cell / Computing Element Level Network level 
Biological ExperimentsWP2WP3
Modelling and DatabasesWP4
WP 5Modelling aimsPublic--WP5 1stYear ISI distributions.png
Neural Hardware
WP6ASICs circuits compute in biological real-time the activity of neural elementsPublic--WP6 public 1stYear Galway.png
WP 7First generation of FACETS stage I hardware Spikey I passes initial testsPublic--WP7 20070214 Spikey 2D 0106254.JPG
WP 8 Integration of ResultsThe value of multiple neuonal-network simulators / Building a common knowledge repositoryPublic--WP8--repository.jpg
WP 9 Emerging Computing ParadigmsA detailed model of a generic cortical microcircuitPublic--WP9 circuit template.png


17 Jul 2017